CLASSICS never die: Switches as deco stars
12 November 2020
Rotary, toggle or keys for your home decór!
1 December 2020

Provencal harmony and handprinted finish on your walls!

The Provenza is a region at the southeast of France, in which rural spaces and country houses are plenty of beauty.

The Provenzal is a light and rustic style that takes as reference other trends like vintage, shabby chic or classic influence. Nature is the main source of inspiration of the Provencal style, with wood as the highlighted material. Floral and vegetable patterns are always present on tables, cotton and details.

Maybe because of the simplicity on the spaces, or because of the brightness that the white gives to them, houses with Provenzal decoration are warm and cozy. Taking white in all its versions (some gray or yellow tones also), the saturated shades are out.

Also, the provenzal style prefers simple furniture in home decór. Rooms with many objects are not accepted. Handmade tables or refurbished decoration is ideal.

Provence collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. San Sebastian rotary switch.


White is the main color, and it has to be combined with brown, orange, pink, blue and green shades. They are ideal for walls and objects, always looking forward to get a neutral atmosphere.

Provence collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Simple key Toledo switch.


Provencal style likes to show the patina on furniture and antiques, because is considered that they add a special value. Its also a highlight to incluide handmade objects and materials.

Provence collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Doble key Sevilla switch.

At FEDE, we fully identify with this style and we have created a special range, PROVENCE collection, including a new finish: the white décapé for the frames and the rotary handle from our well known switch collections: Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastián.

We manufacture this finish with a hand-painted brass base. Its artistic and exclusive value captivates us. Every frame is unique!

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