Provencal harmony and handprinted finish on your walls!
1 December 2020
From Barcelona to the world: FEDE DESIGN WEEK
1 December 2020

Rotary, toggle or keys for your home decór!

Switches are not a minor detail in decoration. That’s why we have to analyze which option is better for our project.

Light witches are as important as other items on an interior design or architecture project. Is not only about aesthetic, the funcionality is also a key point to take into account.

Simple or double key, one or two toggles and rotary dimmers are options you can choose for your walls. We can transform a simple space on a delicate and special one.

Belle Époque collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Double key switch.


Materials and finishes we choose for the switches can be the final touch for a perfect and harmonious home decoration.

Marco collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Rotary dimmer switch.


Choosing the right combination of colours can be the key point on a space. For classic or modern style projects, switches adapt and are a sophisticated detail on your walls.

Twenty collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Double toggle switch.

At FEDE we believe in details, design and crafted decór. Our collections are made in the high-quality brass, and all of them are customizable to bring you unique pieces!

All architecture epoques and cities are our inspiration, so we created different ranges with special attention and dedication. There’s a FEDE waiting for your next project!

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