FEDE’s artistic creativity is inspired by jewelry ornamentation, which in this case uses one of the oldest and most highly valued decorating techniques: Italian enamel.

We have applied this source of inspiration, full of great intensity, brightness, vivacity and color, to our welldesigned luxury light switches and electrical sockets, thanks to the savoir-faire of our silversmithing master artisans.

The exclusive TOSCANA collection in genuine brass, combining perfection and enamel, is made up of the unique SIENA and FIRENZE models, considered to be the most desired decorative pieces.

Enamel, resistant and unalterable, gives a lavish glow to FEDE frames. Its aesthetic qualities enhance the beauty of these decorative light switches, making them unique pieces.

Jewels dressing the walls like precious stones, with an exquisite palette of rich finishes: Ruby Red, Emerald Green and Blue Sapphire. This magnificent range of colors is made complete with two MUST HAVES: Pearl White and Jet Black; sublime elegance for any High-end Home Design project.

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