Our desire to create unique ambiances, outfitting walls with truly original and highly decorative switches, has led us to dream up exquisite tapestries that blend with our brass switch plates.

With the new BELLE ÉPOQUE collection, we ensure that switches are fully integrated into the décor. A new concept that refined interior design lovers will undoubtedly be able to apply, choosing their own tapestries which we can use to create exclusive pieces just for them.

This distinction comes not only from superior aesthetics but also from our technical expertise; our dimmer and rotary switches, for example, are extremely compact.
Rotary switches allow integration of signaling LEDS in a choice of 3 colors: blue, amber and white. This solution is especially indicated for the contract sector.

Our Technology incorporates the state-of-the-art electrical mechanisms: 10A & 16A One-way SP & DP switches, Two-way and Intermediate Switches, 10A & 25A Rotary switches, Signaling LED, sockets with OCSS fast connection system, TV and SAT outlets, switching mechanisms for blinds, dimmers, thermostats, phone and Internet sockets, HDMI & USB sockets, etc.

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