Decoration styles for your interior design or architecture proyect. Tips about lighting and its importance.

Author: Monica Grau Lorenz
CEO, Creative Director & Sales Manager

11 November 2020

Five tips for a MINIMAL look!

Minimalism is about using the most essential elements. Little touches, that make a big difference.
12 November 2020

CLASSICS never die: Switches as deco stars

In recent years, many new styles have emerged in interiorism. But a room decorated in a classical style is still relevant.
1 December 2020

Provencal harmony and handprinted finish on your walls!

The Provenza is a region at the southeast of France, in which rural spaces and country houses are plenty of beauty.
1 December 2020

Rotary, toggle or keys for your home decór!

Switches are not a minor detail in decoration. That’s why we have to analyze which option is better for our project.
11 December 2020

Discover how light switches are the royal stars of baroque deco style

Artistic decostyle but takes care of details, decorating the space.
5 February 2021

Discover how colours can be the key of your walls decoration

Colours on your walls can be the key of your home décor.
5 February 2021

Think round: trendy shapes for your interior design project!

Decor your home with round shapes and get a unique style.
5 February 2021

Looking for the perfect lamp for your reading sessions? Take note of this guide!

Flexo lamps are the ideal lighting system for your reading sessions on bed!
4 March 2021

ECODESIGN: Metal, Arty light switches, made in a circular economy at our workshops. No more boring plastic light switches please!

Metal and other materials are sustainable and also last more. The best way to produce and take care of the planet!
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