1 December 2020
Discover how colours can be the key of your walls decoration
5 February 2021

Discover how light switches are the royal stars of baroque deco style

Baroque Deco Style  – Artistic deco style that takes care of details, decorating the space.

If you are fan of history and a rich decoration, the baroque style can be an interesting resource; because it gives an elegant and refined touch to interior design. Furniture is where attention is mainly concentrated, but light switches and lighting are not something minor, thought they add the exact details to make us travel through time.

baroque deco style

Smalto italiano collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Key switch.


Gold is the king in baroque interior design. And the top finish when combined with reds, blues and greens, they add contrast and exquisite details.


Smalto italiano collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Rotary switch.


The curve can be a key element. That’s why we look up for details that break straight lines, adding intern dinamism and not stability. Its not about transforming the forms, but to express joy through art.

Emporio collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor. Rotary switch.

There’d been always artistic periods that have worked with design inspired in other ages. At some times, the possibility of having some furniture or decoration was associated to high classes. Until the baroque appeared.

Its an artistic deco style that takes care of details, tries to decorate and stimulate the decoration by looking for perfect art. In fact, the furniture is going to be the resource to apply the decoration that follows the patterns made in XVII and XVIII centuries.

The decoration in its total has to dialogue as a set. That’s why at FEDE we design switches and decorative lighting under the concept switch & light, that you can perfectly use in your space.

Versailles collection by Brusi Barcelona.

The Emporio or Smalto Italiano collection from our catalogue, takes us directly to barroque. Adding unique details, they make the act of turning on the light, a piece of art.

Crystal de Luxe collection, made with SWAROVSKI

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