FEDE creates a new concept for electrical mechanisms: The Jewel switch. The luxury raised to its maximum exponent, flashes of light and shine of the Swarovski crystals, integrated into our exclusive frames in authentic brass.

Unique and extraordinary limited edition pieces that are jewelery, sculpted and decorated by master craftsmen.

Our switches beautify and enrich the most select environments. Finally, a proposal for High Decoration, which stands out for its originality and brightness, capturing all our attention. We feel dazzled by its luminosity.

From the hand of the decorator Pía Capdevila de Sas, the collection has been presented exclusively at CASA DECOR BARCELONA 09, within the IDEARIUM space with the winning project of its interior design competition.

The new FEDE CRYSTAL DE LUXE collection presents four versions: SAND, VELVET, DÉCOR and ART:

SAND: The sandblasted effect achieves a slightly rough surface of our frame that provides an extremely original decorative element. Swarovski crystals enhance the beauty of brass.

VELVET: The velvety effect marked by its smooth and smooth lines has great glamor. Swarovski crystals give a sublime elegance.

DÉCOR: A perfect combination: SAND and VELVET merge into a new model that stands out for its exquisiteness.

ART: The ART series is made up of multiple Swarovski crystals, its brilliance and beauty are simply captivating.

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