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11 November 2020
Provencal harmony and handprinted finish on your walls!
1 December 2020

CLASSICS never die: Switches as deco stars

CLASSICS never die – In recent years, many new styles have emerged in interiorism. But a room decorated in a classical style is still relevant.

The main idea is not only to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, but also a sign of fine taste. Characterized by harmony, symmetry and high-quality materials in all details.

If you have chosen a classic interior, you should make sure that the color scheme is calm, without flashy shades, mostly beige and cream shades, but there may be exceptions. It is important to feel solemn, graceful.


Are important in classic style to create a solemn atmosphere. Sand and shades of brown are suitable.

San Sebastian collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor.


A perfect combination for truly unique interior design projects where an original touch is sought: from baroque, traditional or vintage styles to a contemporary look.

CLASSICS never die

Sevilla collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor.


Made of bronze and marble, became an integral part of the interiors of the classical style. Our designs will bring style and originality to your home design.

Toledo collection by FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor.

There should not be unnecessary details, but it requires special attention to details. To emphasize the classic style even more, you need to take seriously the selection of lighting and high quality materials from which you can create a real work of art. This idea is one of the main aims of Classic FEDE Collections: Sevilla, Toledo and San Sebastian.

The design of each one can easily be integrate to any project. Our designs will bring style and originality. With an exceptionally exquisite finish which distinguishes High Class Décor, they are prestigious collections of light switches. Since they were launch, it has been a real discovery for antique specialists, journalists and well respected decorators.

Vive la rentrée & the new BETTER!

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