How WHITE DECAPÉ can be the perfect VINTAGE light switch for your project!
2 July 2021
For your next project, Madrid and Barcelona collections are a must!
12 July 2021

This SUMMER, each SPACE has its ECO SWITCH

Are you thinking about renovating your house? Each space has its eco switch!

Good Morning,

Let’s start a new week together with some inspiration.

Do it with eco designs and unique details!

LIVING ROOM. Without a doubt it must be comfortable and attractive. For modern spaces, you can innovate with round shapes on the switches.

It will be a detail that will stand out with sophistication.

Our Studio collection is a great alternative with a unique design that stands out with its fine stripes.


BATH. White gives us warmth, without visual weight but with a feeling of spaciousness.

Black and its elegance will give a different and innovative style.

Our Twenty collection finishes, made of aluminum, will undoubtedly shine in your bathroom. Also, you can customize it according to your needs.

Committed Traveler. Project made by Cuarto Interior with FEDE sockets.

KITCHEN. Many times its one of the spaces to which we do not spend so much time thinking about its decoration.

Like any other space in the house, it must have details to stand out.

Switches can give a unique touch to sober and modern spaces, with elegance.

eco switch


As well as Studio and Twenty collections, you can also discover our Round range, with exclusive matte finishes and an original and distinctive design in any space.

We do not close in summer! We would love to collaborate and accompany you in the redesign of your spaces.

Turn on your FENG SHUI! Here are the tips to apply it to light switches …

Have a great day!

Monica Grau Lorenz
CEO & Creative Director

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