The Rise of Round Light Switches: A Modern Touch for Your Home Decor
Matte black switches: the elegant and modern choice for your home
9 July 2024
Matte black switches: the elegant and modern choice for your home
9 July 2024

The Rise of Round Light Switches: A Modern Touch for Your Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, every detail counts, and light switches are no exception. As the unsung heroes of our daily routines, light switches often go unnoticed, but they play a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetics. Today, we’re diving into the world of round light switches, a trend that’s gaining traction for its modern, sleek design.

The Importance of Light Switches in Decor

Light switches are more than just functional fixtures; they are an integral part of interior design. The right switch can complement your decor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Traditional square or rectangular switches can sometimes appear harsh and out of place in a carefully curated space. That’s where round light switches come in, offering a softer, more cohesive look.

The Trend of Round Light Switches

The move towards round light switches is part of a broader trend in modern design. Circles and rounded edges bring a sense of harmony and balance, seamlessly integrating into the flow of a room. Unlike the rigidity of geometric shapes, round switches add a touch of softness, making your living spaces feel more inviting and contemporary.


FEDE Round Collection Gold

Modern Lighting and Material Innovations

In the realm of modern lighting, there’s a growing emphasis on sustainability and innovation. Minimizing the use of plastics and opting for durable, eco-friendly materials like aluminum is becoming standard. Aluminum, in particular, is celebrated for its sleek appearance and longevity, making it a perfect choice for modern light switches.

Flat Designs That Blend In

Another key aspect of modern light switches is their ability to blend in with the wall. Flat designs are particularly popular, as they create a seamless look that doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic flow of the room. These designs ensure that switches are not just functional, but also contribute to the overall beauty of the space.


Introducing the Round Collection from FEDE Switch and Light

At FEDE Switch and Light, we’re excited to introduce our Round Collection, which perfectly embodies these modern design principles. Available in the most sought-after finishes like matte black and matte white, our round switches are designed to enhance any decor style.

Our Round Collection not only offers aesthetic appeal but also combines the latest in material innovation, ensuring that you get a product that is both beautiful and built to last.

Discover More with FEDE Switch and Light

We invite you to explore our latest collections by downloading our catalogues from Follow us on Instagram @fedebcn.official to stay updated with all our new arrivals and design inspirations.

Your Perfect Lighting Solution Awaits

Are you working on a new project? Send us your ideas for a no-obligation quote. At FEDE Switch and Light, we’re committed to finding the perfect solution for your needs and offering you our best deal.

Embrace the modern trend of round light switches and elevate your home decor to the next level with FEDE Switch and Light.

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